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RotaSpa Hot Tubs

RotaSpa is the UK’s only manufacturer of spa pools and are proud to be known as the nation’s favourite home brand. Step into a RotoSpa and you’ll understand exactly why!

Why Choose RotaSpa?

At Warwick Spas we stock a wide range of different hot tubs from numerous spa manufacturers. One of the most popular brands we stock is RotaSpa. RotaSpa is based locally in Sutton Coldfield and remains the UK’s only manufacturer of hot tubs and spas.  Below we highlight some of the features that RotaSpa hot tubs offer that makes them an excellent choice for your new hot tub. 

Kenilworth HotTubs stock Rota Spa Hot Tubs and Spas

Unique Design

RotaSpa hot tubs come with a unique RotoTherm insulation which drastically reduces energy consumption to keep running costs low. The polyethylene shell is extremely durable and virtually indestructible. It’s structurally stronger than traditional acrylic spas and, other than a quick wash of the surfaces, requires
zero maintenance.
RotoSpa’s mission is to always be as environmentally friendly as possible. With this goal in mind, they currently have the smallest carbon footprint of any spa available in the UK. 

DuraSpa RotaSpa Hot Tub
British made hot tubs for sale and hire in the Midlands

The UK's Only Spa Pool Manufacturer

All the RotaSpa hot tubs are designed and built right here in the UK. 
Back UK business. Buy British.

Efficient with Low Running Costs

With its unique design, Rotaspa’s are guaranteed to be virtually silent without impacting the comfort. That’s not all. Rotaspa’s use a lower energy consumption so you can have a stress free tub without the stress of hurting the environment. 

Energy Efficient with low running costs

Easy Installation and Moving

Ingeniously designed to be portable, limited access
is no problem with RotoSpa. With fuss-free installation,
there’s no need for a crane or other installation costs.
Plus if you move, it’s easy to take your RotoSpa with you.
RotoSpa hot tubs are designed to last a lifetime.

Quality Assured

RotaSpa’s hardwearing one-piece shell and cabinet structure is so tough it comes with a lifetime warranty giving you complete peace of mind.   Leaving you nothing more to do than sit back and relax. 

RotaSpa DuraSpa HotTub Jacuzzi
Smart Features on a Hot Tub

Part Of Your Smart Home With Built in Smart Features

The SmartLINK WiFi module and SpaLINK app allow you to connect to and take control of your hot tub remotely from anywhere at any time. The SmartLINK module connects to
any RotoSpa model and then uses your home WiFi
network to facilitate communication between the app server and the spa.
The SpaLINK app becomes a mobile, wireless remote
for your spa enabling complete control of all settings and accessories including pumps, blowers and LED lights.

You can also control your spa using Alexa and Google Home voice

Intelligent PowerSmart digital touch pad 

• Lockable touchpad • Incorporates dynamic thermal tuning, reducing overall running costs • Auto daily sanitize • Remote WiFi access • Programmable sleep period • Heat pump interface

Keep informed 

Keep informed about the health of your spa with status updates direct to your phone. Using the WiFi module and smartphone app, receive error alerts allowing you to react in real-time, ensuring the best possible spa experience. The app will clearly describe the issue and provide simple steps and solutions on how to resolve it.

To find out more about these exciting spa features speak to the Warwick Spas team. 

RotaSpa Hot Tubs - Health Benefits

Life is demanding
As we all know, the stresses of everyday life can create issues such as anxiety, pain, fatigue, tiredness and mobility problems. One way to deal with this is through expensive therapy, medications (with side effects) or regular extensive exercise.

Another option
Ease daily stress, tension and anxiety with a regular soak session in the relaxing tranquillity of your own back garden or yard. There aren’t many things in life that are enjoyable and give your well-being a boost at the same time!

Hot water – A natural painkiller
The human body is a well-built machine, but like all machines, it needs regular maintenance. Immersion in warm water is known for its pain-relieving and soothing properties. The Romans celebrated these health benefits thousands of years ago (famous Roman bathhouses include both Bath and Royal Leamington Spa). Sinking into your RotoSpa releases endorphins -naturally occurring neurochemicals in the brain that have analgesic properties. The warm, bubbling water of the spa soothes your aches and pains, reduces strain and allows you to truly relax.

Soothing health benefits of a spa

RotaSpa Hot Tubs Available For Purchase

The Orbis Hot Tub
Seats 4-5 People
Orbis Jacuzzi for sale in Coventry
The Quattro Spa Hot Tub
Seats 5-6 People
RotaSpa DuraSpa HotTub Jacuzzi
DuraSpa Hot Tub
Seats 5-6 People
RotoSpas Quattro Jazuzzi Spa for Sale

*Geographical Restrictions Apply

RotaSpa Orbis Hot Tub

RotaSpa Orbis Hot Tub

Seats 4-5 People – 13 Jets
1800mm exterior diameter
740mm deep (fits through doorways)

All Orbis Spas come with the following included:

  • Protective Spa Bag
  • Thermal Spa Cover
  • Ozone Purifying Kit
  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Delivery & Installation*


RotaSpa Ouatro

5-6 People – 26 jets
2000mm exterior diameter
740mm deep

All Ouatro Spas come with the following included:

  • Protective Spa Bag
  • Thermal Spa Cover
  • Ozone Purifying Kit
  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Delivery & Installation*
RotoSpa Hot Tub Grey Panels


Dura Spa Hot Tub for Sale In Coventry and Warwickshire

RotaSpa DuroSpa Hot Tub

5-6 People – 16 Jets
(Can be upgraded to 38 jets)
1990mm x 1990mm x 770mm

All DuroSpa Spas come with the following included:

  • Protective Spa Bag
  • Thermal Spa Cover
  • Ozone Purifying Kit
  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Delivery & Installation*


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