Kenilworth Hot Tubs is now Warwick Spas!

Warwick Spas – Terms and Conditions

Unit 5 Bridge Works, Farmer Ward Road, 

Kenilworth,  Warwickshire, CV8 2DH  

Tel: 01926 257797 Email:

Please take note of the following information regarding your hire:  

The spa remains the property of Warwick Spas at all times.  

Customer is responsible for the safe use of the spa and maintaining the spa during the hire  period. Any damage will be charged according to repair requirements.  

Any damage or faults with the spa must be reported to Warwick Spas immediately by telephone 01926 257797 or email

The spa must be located on a hard surface (patio, concrete, suitable decking area etc.) and not  placed directly on grass or bare earth.  

Do not exceed the recommended number of people in the spa at any one time (4-5 people for  the Orbis or 5-6 people for the Quatro).  

Please use the thermal cover when the spa is not in use. Do not leave the spa unattended when  the thermal cover is removed.  

Please ensure that the spa is emptied using the drain valve at the bottom of the spa in plenty of  time prior to collection at the end of your hire period.  

Electrical Connection: The spas require a full 13-amp power supply to operate and are fitted  with a built-in RCD on the power lead. Please ensure that you have an adequate power supply  before delivery as the RCD will trip out if the load on the circuit is exceeded.  

It may be necessary to re-route the power supply to a different circuit (i.e., plug into an upstairs  circuit) if the initial power supply is not sufficient to run the spa continuously during the hire  period.  

If you are using an additional extension lead this must be a minimum 13-amp rating and the  lead should be fully extended at all times during the hire period.  

Any extension leads should only be used to power the spa and must not have any other  electrical items plugged in at the same time (lights, speakers, phones etc).  

Please seek advice from a qualified electrician if you have any concerns regarding your power  supply.  

Important – please read before using the spa 

To get the best spa experience during the hire period water cleanliness and clarity are of the  utmost importance.  

The spa is not a bath. Please make sure that any person using the spa is clean/showered before  getting in.  

Do not get in the spa if you have applied any of the following:  

Sun creams, fake tan, body lotions/moisturizers, massage oils, cosmetics/make-up, hair gels and  hair care products, hand creams etc as they will affect the water quality and clarity and can  damage the filters.  

Where possible bathing costumes, swimsuits, swim shorts should be rinsed in clean water before  getting in the spa to remove any washing detergent residue that may be trapped in the fibres.  This will reduce the risk of the water foaming.  

Chemicals for water sanitation are supplied so you should not need to add any chemicals yourself.  

Water testing strips are supplied with the spa. Regular testing of the spa water is required to  ensure that the chemical balance and PH levels remain in the recommended safe levels. Please  contact Warwick Spas immediately if you have any concerns on water quality.  

Additional charges will be applied if additional chemicals are required due to dirty/contaminated  water.  

Warwick Spas reserve the right to charge a minimum £100.00 call  out charge to drain the spa, clean the spa and replace the filter if the  above instructions are not adhered to. 

Hot Tubs do’s and Don’ts  

Hot Tubs can be a very enjoyable way to spend time and make memories with friends  and family when used in a responsible manner. Please read through these health and  safety notes to ensure you and your guests are kept safe.  

  • NEVER use a hot tub when under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • ALWAYS use the hot tub with the cover fully removed.  
  • ALWAYS follow the instructions as per the manufacturers labelling on chemicals.
  • ALWAYS be cautious when getting in, or out of, a hot tub, do so with care and  do not run, to avoid slips, trips and falls.  
  • DO NOT put your head underwater in a hot tub, or allow another bather to do  so. The high water temperature can potentially lead to loss of consciousness.  
  • DO NOT use a hot tub with a water temperature higher than 40ºC.  
  • NEVER allow children below the age of 5 years old to use a hot tub.  
  • DO NOT use glass in or around the spa as broken glass cannot be seen in a body  of water. In the event of broken glass entering the hot tub, evacuate the tub and  drain down, call your supplier in order to ascertain what to do next.  
  • ALWAYS Keep all chemicals supplied in the container, out of reach of children  and kept dry.  
  • DO NOT put chemicals into the water when other people are in the spa. 

It is recommended to bathe with at least one other person in a hot tub, in the event that  if one person gets into any difficulty, the other can assist or raise the alarm. The elderly  or infirm should not be left alone in a hot tub, and children should never be allowed to  use a hot tub without constant adult supervision.